Rich in Heritage

Good, Hard Working People, Looking for Opportunity to Carry out their Passion.

Where it all began

A family molded on Legacy, Courage, Inspiration, Faith, and Determination with deep agriculture roots.

Drew’s great grandfather, Victor Perez, migrated from Spain in 1905 at the age of 15. Arriving in New York, he rode the train to central New Mexico where he worked for five years building his own stakes in America. Victor built a lifetime around the sheep industry establishing his own family heritage with commercial and purebred Rambouillet sheep. In 1926, he incorporated horned Hereford cattle. Victor is known as one of the pioneer shepherds for running both sheep and cattle together.


Victor and Angelita (Tenorio) Perez one of the first pioneers to run Rambouillet sheep and Hereford cattle together
(Drew’s Great-Grandfather)


Ernest and Jewel Perez
(Drew’s grandparents)


Ernest Perez, only American to win the
World Fleece Wool Competition

His son, Ernest Perez, Drew’s Grandfather, carried on the legacy exhibiting sheep across the nation winning many awards including Top Wool Clips and Sheepman of the year in 1984. He was the only American to win the 1989 World Fleece Wool Competition in Tasmania, Australia.

Drew was raised on the Kuper ranch, a long-standing Hereford operation, that his great- grandfather and grandparents Don and Mary Helen Kuper established in the 1960s.

Kuper family - Elmer Kuper with Don and Mary Helen Kuper

Where livestock &
show heritage enriches

The James’ ancestry stems back many years of diversified farming in North Central Kansas, near Clay Center. The James farm consisted of primarily wheat, milo and Hereford cattle. Lauren’s grandfather, Raymond James, established 3J ranch where horned Hereford cattle were recognized with the brand. Lauren’s grandfather was a big advocate for horned Hereford cattle and only venturing out to add other breeds for one year before returning back to solely a horned Hereford herd.

Raymond and Eleanor James (Lauren’s Great Grandparents)

Lauren’s grandfather, Bill James, traded in the tractor seat on the family operation to be horseback. He pursued his passion for training and showing horses with 50 years of raising, training, showing and judging horse shows. He is known all over the world for his horsemanship ability with both paint and quarter horses. Bill holds the reins of exhibiting 8 Supreme Paint Horse World Champions and in 2012 was inducted into the Paint Horse Hall of Fame with his horses Adios Amigos and Skip Bar. Two of the most notable quarter horses of the 3J ranch are Colonial Hotrodder and 3J Colonial (inducted in the National Western Stock Show Hall of Fame) that carry deep in quarter horse blood lines today. His talent and vast knowledge was sought after by many. He judged the AQHA World Show nine times; the APHA National Show three times, the Palomino World Show, and nearly every major horse show in the United States and across the world.

A passion for livestock

Years of judging and showing stems back for decades
and was the foundation of what brought a family together

One thing that was common amongst the families’ heritage was their passion for the livestock and horse arena. Years of judging and showing stems back for decades and was the foundation of what brought Drew and Lauren together. What they admire most is their ancestors taking risks to dream for more and having the courage to not only seek opportunities, but go down in history for making it happen.

Myles in the saddle on Hot Rod (descendant of Colonel Hotrodder, premier stud for his Great Grandfather, Bill James and 3J Ranch)

Running P Cattle Co.  is a new generation with big dreams to establish new roots in Texas while taking with them the skills and characteristics from their ancestors. While they might be little, Drew and Lauren are most proud to see this new fond love for livestock and horses in their children’s eyes. They are the next generation of agriculturalists trickling down the heritage from the pioneers that came before them. From Day 1, Mila (Jewels), named after her great-grandmother, carries on her passion for loving all animals and wanting to have as many of them on the ranch. Mila jumps at the chance to go help her dad drive the truck and check cows.  Myles (James), named after the James family, can be found with a rope in hand and with any horse in sight from his stick horses to his new gelding purchased this last year carrying his grand-father’s bloodlines back to the well-known Colonial Hotrodder.


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