RPC 7119 007 RUBBLE 210

AHA Registration Number: 44376473
Date of Birth: 2/20/2022
Sire: BR ER BIG COUNTRY 007 ET (007)
Dam: PCC NEW MEXICO LADY 7119 ET (7119)

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Making cattle like Rubble has been the plan since the beginning. We started this cow herd to make real world production cattle and that’s what Rubble does. The list of boxes he checks is endless.

Not only phenotype does he bring everything that a cattleman wants including pigment, freckles, and red to the ground, but he backs it up on paper as the only bull in the Hereford data base that shows up with his combination of WW,YW,MM,UDDR,TEAT,CW,FAT,REA,MARB,BMI,BII,CHB.

Kyle Colyer said it best… “ He is really hard to poke a lot of big holes in."

In my opinion, his dam is the best horned cow in the breed. Udder quality, tremendous volume and mass, structural correctness and she has proven herself year in and year out of just raising the right kind of cattle.


RPC 8246 007 ROCKY 228 ET

AHA Registration Number: P44376532
Date of Birth: 2/9/2022
Sire: BR ER BIG COUNTRY 007 ET (007)
Dam: /S LADY TRUST 8246F (8246)

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Rocky is polled, extremely good designed with an excellent look to have so much body and dimension. He is one of the few bulls that will offer a show ring look, but has the functionality and maternal strength that will make you want to retain all of the daughters. His dam, 8246, is a front pasture donor with an excellent udder, great design and structure foundation.


AHA Registration Number: 44188539
Date of Birth: 04/08/2020
Sire: BR Hutton 4030 ET
Dam: BR Belle 4082 ET

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The only bull I have visually seen that can offer quality that can compete in the ring and brings forth everything that I have strived to build in my cow herd. Structure is the foundation to any breeding piece and this bull’s skeletal design is about as flawless as you can make one. His look and productivity sets him apart. Big Country originates from some of the best cow families at the Barber Ranch. He is horned, pigmented and has the markings that any Hereford enthusiast strives for while packaging it together with unmatched rib, power and muscle to make him a game-changing herd sire for the breed.

His first calf crop has proven his value. He has sired 3 National Champion bulls in his first year in production.


H The Profit 1492 ET

AHA Registration Number: 44257482
Date of Birth: 02/03/21
Sire: H THE PROFIT 8426 ET

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We bought Profit to clean up on our cows with and he does exactly what we want. Body, thickness, structure and performance, we expect him to raise the cattleman’s kind.


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